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New Vision™ Medical Stabilization & Withdrawal Management

Clarity is the first step toward freedom

New Vision™ is a medically-supervised, hospital-based service for adults experiencing impending or active withdrawal from alcohol, prescription medications, and/or other drugs.  We offer inpatient medical stabilization and withdrawal management for appropriate adults.  Only a licensed physician can determine who qualifies for the services of New Vision™. 

Patients are admitted to the hospital for a short, inpatient stay and are treated by the hospital’s doctors and nurses.  Our New Vision™ staff work with patients along with the Medical Director and the nursing staff, creating a discharge plan and connecting the patient with continuing care in the community. 

Our withdrawal management services include short-term, inpatient hospital stays (typically 3-5 days), confidential hospital environment under the supervision of a Medical Director and nursing staff, and post-stabilization referral to a continued care recovery program.  Aftercare referral can consist of inpatient rehabilitation, long-term detox (eg. alcohol detox), or outpatient rehabilitation dependent upon the individual needs of each patient.  Contact us today if you find yourself or a loved one in need of medical stabilization or withdrawal managmenent.  New Vision™, we are here to help you take the first step toward freedom.


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