Occupational Therapy Month April

Occupational Therapy Month April

The Month of April we recognized our Occupational Therapy Department!

Occupational Therapy is the allied health profession that focuses on maximizing a person’s ability to participate in life independently. People who can benefit from occupational therapy can range from the tiniest newborns to senior citizens, and all the ages in between. The goal of an occupational therapist is  to enable those who are temporarily or permanently disabled to be as independent as possible in the areas of work, home, self-care, and leisure skills while recovering from or adapting to their disability. Occupational therapy is provided in a number of different settings which include: schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, and mental health clinics. LGH offers outpatient, home health, inpatient, and nursing home care. If you or a loved one has a health problem or injury that prevents you from learning, working, dressing, eating, or just doing the things you want to do, Occupational therapy can help!

The image above shows your OT Department!


LGH appreciates all the hard work that you do!

We have a wonderful therapy department that includes Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapies. Speech and Physical
Therapy showed their support to the OT Team by making t-shirts. Here are a few pics!!!

Speech and Physical Therapy supporting the OT Department!