Meet Kristen Johnson, APRN, FNP-C

My name is Kristen Johnson. I’m a nurse practitioner.

I do a lot of well woman visits, I see chronic medical management patients as well as episodic sick visits. Everything from diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid problems, depression, anxiety, to women’s health issues.

We’re so busy being moms and with our careers, that often we don’t put ourselves first. So you may write off feeling fatigued, or having headaches, or just feeling really run down, to being a busy mom, but really it could be something going on. So coming in for a well woman visit, we can do a thorough medical exam as well as a lab work up and a physical exam to make sure that everything’s normal.

Living in a small town as well as being a provider here is definitely unique because I get to know patients as more than just patients; I get to see them every day out in the community, our kids go to the same schools, and we go to church together.