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Contact Lasalle General Hospital

LaSalle General Hospital

187 Ninth Street

Post Office Box 2780

Jena, Louisiana   71342-2780

Appointments & Referrals

Requests for Emergency or for Ambulance transportation

Schedule an Appointment with a Physician, Physician Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner
(318) 992-6311 or visit the Patient Portal

Schedule a Diagnostic Imaging Test (Requires Physician Order)
(318) 992-9200 Extension 2166

Schedule a Visit at the Therapies & Fitness Center
(318) 992-9200 Extension 2270

Schedule an Evaluation for LaSalle Home Health Service (Requires Physician Referral)
(318) 992-9200 Extension 2250

Schedule a Visit at the Senior Behavioral Health Unit
(318) 992-9142 

Schedule an Appointment with New Vision
(318) 992-9200 Extension 2210



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