Annual Emergency Disaster Drill

LaSalle General Hospital in association with the GEO Detention Facility hosted our annual External Emergency Disaster Drill on June 8, 2012.

The scenario involved a log truck speeding down Pinehill Road. The log truck struck one of LDF/GEO’s transportation vans transporting people to GEO causing the van to turn over and ignighting a fire on the transportation van.  There were some fatalities, some serious injuries, and several walking wounded.  Medical staff at GEO triaged the victims and made arrangements to transfer them to surrounding facilities as needed.  Victims were not actually taken to the local hospitals.  LaSalle General Hospital asked the Rod Brady VoTech LPN Class to pose as victims for our disaster drill at LGH.  We do appreciate the 17 LPN students who participated in our drill.  This helps us to simulate a full scale disaster and gives us very helpful practice in putting our disaster plan into effect.  The drill was a huge success and gives LGH valuable insight in our current disaster plans and how we can improve them.  We appreciate everyone for their participation and look forward to having our next drill very soon.