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Diagnostic Services & Lab Work

At LGH, we’re building on trust, and that means we’re implementing the most advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment available.  Our advanced computerized tomography scanner, what you know as a Cat or CT Scan, enables us to expose you to less radiation and get you in and out quickly.  We can scan your whole body in under four seconds!  Diagnostic Services are available at LGH and at LFMC Suite G.

Our emphasis on wellness and preventative health led us into the development of a women’s health program.  The new GE Senographe DS and Prodigy Bone Densitometer allows us to find and diagnosis breast cancer and osteoporosis early – and the earlier we find the diseases, the better your chances of a positive outcome.  Complementing LGH's healthcare delivery to women is our Mammography services where your health, dignity, and healthcare are paramount!  At LGH, not matter what illness you face, we are prepared to render the care you need or find you the specialty you require.

We are also expanding our Cardiopulmonary services by offering calcium scoring – this aids in the prevention of heart attack and stroke.  A quick cat scan could save your life, and we are proud to be offering these services.

Of course our lab, xray, and cardiopulmonary departments are open whenever you need us –for a lab test, an EKG, x-rays, CTs, and more – we’re ready to serve you.