Ceo-Letter | Lasalle General Hospital

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LaSalle General Hospital CEO

LaSalle General Hospital CEO 

Mrs. Francis came to LaSalle General Hospital in 1980 and has since been an integral part of the Administrative Team, serving under seven CEOs.  This, in itself, speaks highly of her knowledge and ability to more than capably fill this role.  She has seen and dealt with many changes in the healthcare industry during her tenure and the Board feels she has the necessary assets to face these challenges.

Lana noted that “LaSalle General Hospital has been a successful organization because of the past leadership, the support of the community and all who work here.  We will continue to rely on these strengths as we move forward in the ever changing field of healthcare."

Lana is married to Tommy Francis and they have two sons, Russ, married to Samantha, Ryan, and four grandchildren, Ava, TJ, Amelia, and Andie.